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The Dolores Tomás's Collection comprises close to 4.000 paintings that reflect upon the recent history of Russia and the Soviet Union, its customs, scenes and realities. Dolores Tomás has gathered this valuable collection during the last 25 years.

It includes works from more than 180 painters; many of whom were considered masters in the Art Schools of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Volgograde, Nizhni-Novgorod, Yoshkar Ola, Samara, Tula, Astrakan and Central Asia. Many were regaled with such titles as People's Artist of Russia or Honored Artist of Russia, and their artworks are now held by numerous museums and private collectors of high reputation both in Russia and abroad.

This Collection can in some ways be considered a collection of collections, taking into account that it includes the largest number of works by some of these painters, gathered into a single private collection.

These artists had often to maintain most of their work in obscurity due to historical circumstances. In this works, they remained loyal to the traditions of Russian figurative art. The collection is dominated by genres such as still life, portrait, society life, landscape and Socialist Realism.

The Collection covers a period of 84 years, ranging from 1911 to 2003 . There are fewer pieces painted before the Revolution, or in the period between the two wars, but these few are of high value. After 1945, the number of works greatly increases, forming a magnificent display of paintings from the second half of the 20th Century. By the end of the Century, mature works from many painters are complemented with paintings by their natural heirs. Younger painters who today serve as strong representatives of the current Russian realist art scene.

Since the year 2000, a sample from the Collection has been exhibited in 16 museums, palaces, and exhibition rooms around Spain under the name "Russia 20th Century".