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Zykov, Anatoly Ivanovich

1930, Sverdlovsk (Ekaterimburgo) / 2008, -

Studied at: Sverdlovsk Art School. The Repin Art Institute (St. Petersburg) Studied under: M.A. Taranov, L.F. Ovsyannikov, P.P. Belousov
Tought at: Students: 
Member of: The Union of Russian Artists, 1958. The Russian Academy of Arts, 2007
Awards: Presiden of The Union of Moscow Graphic Painters, 1976. Honored Artist of the USSR, 1980. Russian Academy of Arts Diploma, 1986. People's Artist of the RSFSR, 1988. Russian Academy of Arts Silver Medal, 2000. Medal of Honor of the Russian Federation, 2001. Sholokhov Prize, 2008
Paintings hang in: Belozersk Local Lore Museum. Kurgan Art Museum. Belgorod State Art Museum, and many other Russian museums
Number of paintings in the Collection: 4