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Tsyplakov, Viktor Grigor'evich

1915, Burminka, (Ryazan Providence) / 1986, Moscow

Studied at: OGIZ Polygraphic Institute  in Moskow. The Surikov Art Institute (Moscow) Studied under: G.M. Shegal, V.V. Pochitalov, S.V. Gerasimov,  Grabar, D.K. Mochalskii
Tought at: The Surikov Art Institute (Moscow) Students: V. Zabelin
Member of: The Union of Russian Artists, 1942. The Academy of Arts of USSR, 1967
Awards: Laureate of the Stalin prize, 1949 and 1950. Honoured artist of RSFSR, 1965. National Artist of the URSS, 1975. People’s Artist of RSFSR
Paintings hang in: Tretiakov State Gallery (Moscow), State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), Historical Museum of RF,  Union of Russian Artists Museum
Number of paintings in the Collection: 1