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Ilyin, Evgeny Vladimirovich

1904, Samara / 1982, Moscow

Studied at: Art Studio M. Stepanov (Samara People´s University). Higher Art and Technical Institute Vhutemas-Vhutein (Moscow)

Studied under: K.N. Istomin, A.A. Osmerkin, A. Shevchenko, D.V. Sternberg


Tought at: Art Studio AUCCTU. Moscow State Pedagogical Institute "Lenin" (Graphic Arts Department)
Member of: AHRR / OMAHRR, 1928. Russian Association of Proletarian Artists (RAPH), 1931. The Union of Russian Artists, 1932.
Awards: Order of the Red Star, 1967. Honored Worker of the Culture of the RSFSR, 1975.
Paintings hang in: State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, (Moscow). Mikhail Kalinin Museum (former). Art museums in Smolensk, Saratov, Samara, Volgogrado, Petropavlovsk, Kotlas Khvalynsk, Cheboksary
Number of paintings in the Collection: 1