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Gerasimov, Sergey Vasilievich

1885, Mozhaysk / 1964, Moscow

Studied at: TThe Stroganov Art and Industrial college (Moscow). The Moscow College of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Higher Art and Technical Institute Vhutemas-Vhutein (Moscow) Studied under: S. Ivanov, K. Korovin, D. Shcherbinovsky, A. Arkhipov
Tought at: Higher Art and Technical Institute Vhutemas-Vhutein. The Moscow Polygraphic Institute. The Surikov Art Institute (Moscow) Students: F.Z. Zakharov, V. Stozharov, A. Tkachyov, S. Tkachyov, Y.P. Kugach, A. Gritsai, G. Korzhev
Member of: Moskovsky Salon,1911. Makovets,1921. OMN, AKhR,1926. The Union of Russian Artists, 1930. Full Member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR,1947.
Awards: People's Artist of the USSR,1958. The Lenin Prize, 1966.
Paintings hang in: State Tretyakov Gallery (Moskow), State Russian Museum (St.Petersburg), Pushkin Museum (Moscow), and museums in Kiev, Ashtrakan, Volgograd, Ivanovo, Oryol, Tambov, Bshkiria, Chelyabinsk
Number of paintings in the Collection: 1