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ABOUT THE FOUNDATION                                                                    

The Surikov Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to spread Russian Art and Culture. Its main focus is 20th Century Russian and Soviet Painting. The Foundation was created by its President, and also Curator, Dolores Tomás

"Dolores Tomás´s 20th Century Russian Painting Collection" constitutes the Foundation principal asset. The promotion of this largely unknown period in Russian Art, its artists and their artworks has been Tomás´s guiding mission for the last 20 years, and the Surikov Foundation represents the most appropriate and effective instrument with wich to accomplish that mission.

The Collection has been exhibited 16 times in Spain, giving hundreds of thousands of people the opportunity to enjoy these paintings and culture they represent.

The Surikov Foundation is committed to helping this generation of great painters to acquire the recognition and position in art history they deserve. For this reason the Collection remains available for travel to wherever an interest arises.